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On this page you can also test the system, namely, its main component: image database.

Visual subject of the DEMO system are Aviation photography slides, and it comprises of six records, which can be edited. The access details are:
User: guest
Password: artforum

You can edit all descriptive fields; specially interesting is changing display order of images by changing the field: tnOrder. This way you became also an online gallerist. The demo shows only one category -- categories correspond to either various art areas of one artist, or various artists that your gallery is representing.

Although the demo art datamodel is geared towards specific data in Aviation slides, the Art/Photo Gallery software has flexible data modeling, so any particular field and type can be added, and various datamodels can be created. This can be seen from the following art/photo websites, where Art/Photo gallery is implemented:

Art/Photo Gallery LEAFLET.
Webpages and textual content grow naturally around visual scheme. More about it and image templates is described in the leaflet. Also, the main information about the system can be found in the Art/Photo Gallery leaflet (PDF format).

e-Commerce. Start selling artworks from a Webshop: expand Art/Photo Gallery with e–Commerce facility (with or without online payment).

Web-monograph. Website expansion to complete online monograph about the gallery with various multimedia (Flash) techniques.


Due to technical reasons (page rendering, typography, CSS implementation) these pages and websites are best viewed in MS Explorer 6 on PC platform.